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The Charter of the Common Man, 2011 (Combined Giclee and Screen Print Image size 20x20cm, Edition of 20+2AP)
On the 8th December you can acquire the limited edition print ' Charter of the Common Man' for as much as you can afford. Not only is this image on the front cover of the Dec 11/Jan 12 issue of AN Magazine, the limited edition print challenges traditional approaches to the valuation of art.

Here are the details:

Lincoln Art Programme commissioned Tereza Buskova in August 2011 to develop a new print based work in response to the historic Charter of the Forest document, which is housed in Lincoln Castle alongside a copy of the Magna Carta. The resulting print draws upon the key purpose of the Charter of the Forest document; which when established in 1217 by King Henry III re-established rights of access to the forest for free men that had been eroded by a succession of kings.

In homage to the Charter of the Forest document and drawing upon this radical opening up of access to the common man; Tereza Buskova has produced a celebratory mixed Giclee and hand drawn screen print that is available to all, whatever your resources (proof overleaf). This print has no set price, but rather is open to offers. Each print will be sold upon acceptance of an offer, making the print available to any collector willing pay as much as they feel they can afford.

If you would like to acquire an edition of this print we look forward to hearing from you. To make an offer, reserve a print or for further information contact Amelia Beavis-Harrison


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