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Rituals Are Tellers of Us - Screening
Tereza Buskova and Matthew Cowan

31st May 2013
18:30 - 21:00

ATOI have invited the curators of Rituals Are Tellers Of Us to bring a capsule of the show from Cornwall to London, showing a selection of works by Tereza Bušková and Matthew Cowan.

Both artists feature in Rituals Are Tellers Of Us, a group exhibition currently on display at Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall. The exhibition brings together a range of artworks that explore different aspects and understandings of ritual. The intention being to raise questions about what a ritual might be, how rituals are tellers of us and what the purposes of rituals could be.

Tereza Bušková is a Czech artist based in the UK. Her intuitive practices capture and renew folk traditions through the combination of filmmaking, screen printing and performance. She juxtaposes traditions, often considered irrelevant and old fashioned, with personal invented rituals, provoking a re-evaluation of the meaning of the historical traditions.

Matthew Cowan is a New Zealand artist based in the UK, whose practice explores the realm of traditional British and European customs. His work plays with the inherent strangeness of the continued popularity of established folk customs in a modern world. This work often takes the form of mock folk performances, which play with the elements of folk customs that link people to the past, focusing on society's longstanding relationship with ritual and using humour to subvert the usual social order.

Rituals Are Tellers Of Us is curated by MA Curatorial Practice students from Falmouth University, in partnership with Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange, Cornwall. 4th May - 29th June 2013.