pressure cooker
Currently at Gallery Stryx residency PRESSURE COOKER: Soup pt VI /
Solo Show 07/07 - 22/07 2023

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Bušková is sharing her current work & research towards her new socially engaged, participatory art project, Mothers without Hands. Mothers without Hands is inspired by and seeks to reinterpret an ancient Czech custom celebrative of Easter and the arrival of Spring known as ‘Beloved Mothers of Christ’. Both a religious and a pagan ceremony, it was also employed, in years gone by, as a powerful form of protest and a means of protection by local women who had been raped by the men they worked for. Bušková’s work raises crucial awareness of the need to support women who have experienced domestic violence and sexual abuse and will involve workshops led by Bušková and Birmingham-based textile artist Tina Francis in which migrant women and Ukrainian refugees living in the West Midlands, London, Brno and Prague will exchange and stitch symbolic tapestries. Mothers without Hands will culminate in a processional performance as part of which the collectively made tapestries will be carried as banners framed with willow and other natural and recycled materials. Functioning as a visual voice for all women, the performance will take place in the Suchdol neighbourhood of Prague, Czech Republic in Spring 2024. Bušková is supported in this project by London-based curator Dr Nicola Baird, her muse Zoe Simon, costume maker Mariana Novotná and other long-term collaborators and organisations.

Photos: Denik, Vladimir Pryček