Hidden Mothers

Installation HM 1

Installation HM 2

Tereza Buskova is a Czech multimedia artist who celebrates and reinterprets established customs through performance, print and video. Buskova’s projects empower women to step out from the shadows into the very heart of their community. It celebrates them with rituals and beautiful folklore and offers a unique opportunity for women from diverse cultures to come together and create shared memories and connections which will last a lifetime.

Hidden Mothers takes its name from a little-known practice, which was commonly used in Victorian portrait photography. In order to keep infants still during the necessary long exposures, mothers would sit nearby covered by a cloth, so as not to appear in the image themselves. This technique was called “hidden mother” and the resulting images of gorgeous, happy children have delighted generations.

In present day society, motherhood with all its glory and hardships remains shrouded by societal norms and expectations. Often confined to the home and further compounded by stigma and challenges which come with migrant status, mothers are politically marginalised, their presence is overlooked and their invaluable contribution is taken for granted. The Victorian era photographic technique is a fitting metaphor for this enduring status quo.

London Festival of Architecture
Studio Polpo