Film / Video


(HD video, 7 minutes 30 seconds)

‘Masopust’ takes place in the snowy Bohemian landscape and explores the mysterious carnival rituals found there. After watching the young men of Doudleby perform the traditional Rose Ritual of Masopust Buskova and her performers pay tribute with their own adaptations. The footage of both ceremonies is combined.


Direction, make-up, props: Tereza Buskova

HD video, 7 minutes 30 seconds

Cast: Zoe Simon, Joni Levinson, Eliska Kasparova, Pedro Prazeres & Residents of Doudleby, South Bohemia in Czech Republic, Costume makers: Mariana Novotna & Marie Bartosova, Lighting: Jan Komarek, Editing assistants: Stifani Brothers, Composer: Bela Emerson

This video has been kindly supported by the Arts Council, Czech Centre London, Shaw & Company Solicitors Limited