Film / Video

Spring Equinox

(Video, 10min 33sec)

'Spring Equinox is presented in two distinct parts. For the first, Bušková worked closely with the people of Ratiškovice, one of the oldest villages in Moravia and a place renowned for its active preservation of traditions such as the Easter fertility festival. The resulting segment of film has a timeless quality, at times recalling the work of early twentieth century anthropologists.

In the second sequence, Bušková’s lavish aesthetic and fragmented storytelling generate a personal folklore that looks forward while paying tribute to past customs. In this part of Spring Equinox, the archetypal characters of Winter and Spring, taken from Moravian fables, are incarnated by two women in a series of tableaux vivants. With its outdoor setting and ingenious use of reflected sunlight and natural elements, Spring Equinox reminds us that rather than being products of culture alone, folkloric traditions have their origins in the convergence of society and nature.'
(Ellen Mara De Wachter, 176 Zabludowicz Collection)


Direction, make-up, props: Tereza Buskova

Video, 10min 33sec

Cast: Residents of Ratiskovice in Moravia, Czech Republic; Zoe Simon UK; Eliska Kasparova CZ & Honza Malik from Czech dance company NANOHACH; Lights/photography: Jan Komarek CZ; Music: Bela Emerson UK; Editing Assistants: Stifani brothers UK; Costumes: Mariana Novotna CZ; Assistant: Hana Buskova CZ

This video has been kindly supported by the Arts Council UK, Shaw & Company Solicitors Limited, Czech Centre London