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On the 11th June 2016 in North Birmingham unity and magic was created with over 200 people from all over the country. The final performance of Clipping the Church took place on Erdington high street where handmade props and celestial crusts were carried towards St Barnabas Church. The church was adorned by salt dough pastry made by the school children, hospice patients, Czech, Slovaks and local community groups. The almost forgotten English custom Clipping took place. The mother church was encircled hand by hand. Poles, English, Czechs, Slovaks, Labour & Tory politicians, for Erdington, pregnant mothers, older women pushing their trolleys, remain and leave voters all stood together in unity. 12 days later Erdington vote leave, spikes in hate crime boomed and in the BBC panorama programme broadcast July 3rd one resident ironically sat in the same church saying east Europeans come to the UK to make money not socialise and integrate.
Photo by Marcin Sz

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